End Platform (American) Suburban Carriages

During the years GMR was unable to touch its end platform cars (HFOs), including moving them, they were in most part open to the weather. One (HFO1264) was half inside the Wynne Cranston shed while the other (HFO1595) was entirely uncovered. Both have suffered considerable deterioration although the interior of both appears largely unaffected. Both have had physical examinations that highlighted some issues but a comprehensive review has not been done.


The car in 1 road (HFO1264) , that had the least external damage had a string line run along its length in September 2016 and had a sag of approx 75mm.  Further examination discovered that one of the tensioning rods under the sub frame was broken at one of the end nuts so the turnbuckle was freed up and loosened to extend the length of the rod. four jacks were placed under the sub frame to straighten it out , a new nut fitted to the tensioning rod and the turnbuckle adjusted to take up any slack. 

Prior to the 2016 Timber Festival at the end of July, our volunteers set to work on the interior of both cars. The inside including the walls, ceilings and seats were thoroughly cleaned and led lights were inserted into the existing light sockets and a new transformer connected to mains power to provide much improved lighting.

HFO1264 was in the best external condition and was stabled on 1 road inside the Wynne Cranston shed. During an initial external examination, a longitudinal sag of approximately 75mm was detected in the timber under frame. A closer inspection revealed a break in the tensioning rod at one of the end nuts. The turnbuckle was loosened and freed up to lengthen the tensioning rod and 4 jacks were placed under both sides of the under frame. A new end nut was fitted and the under frame raised in increments of approx 12mm and the turnbuckle progressively tightened until the under frame was perfectly straight. Problems were encountered with one side and further work in this area has been suspended pending advice on the best way forward.