Wynne Cranston Shed Extension

On 20 November 2018 GMR was advised by our local state member Chris Gulaptis that its grant application had been partially approved and $26,927 was subsequently paid into our bank account.  These funds will allow us to add an additional 6M bay to each end of the shed. 

Negotiations were conducted with 2 shed contractors before we engaged Clarence coast Constructions as they had a compatible design with the existing structure.  GMR began work clearing the area at each end of the shed to provide access for the excavation and placement of the new foundations which included relocating some of our rolling stock. This photo shows the shed before building works commenced.

Shed Feb 2019_1.jpg
Scissor Lift in action Feb.jpeg

The foundations were poured before Xmas 2019 and were left to cure over the break. Erection of the structural components began in early February 2020 and work was completed by early March.  A final inspection was was requested on 4 March and the Clarence Valley Council inspection was carried out on 9 March.   

A completion report was provided to the Building Community Partnerships Program and the project successfully signed off.  The following photos show the various stages of construction and the final look of the completed shed.

Shed Extension_West 2_2020.jpg
Shed Extension_East 1_2020.jpg
Shed - Inside West End Back_Mar.jpeg

These 2 photos show the TAM sleeping car now finally under a permanent cover at the west end and the additional cover at the east end to better store our existing rolling stock  and leaving room for additional items

Shed - East End Mar.jpeg

The main photo shows the external view of the completed shed while the smaller one shows the close colour matching between the old and new sheeting.

Shed - Outside Front Completed.jpeg
Shed East End Completed 2 Feb.jpeg