Moorland Station Exterior Painting

GMR's grant application to Transport Heritage NSW for the exterior painting of Moorland Station has been successful and the grant was awarded at a function at the Museum of Sydney on 27 October. GMR has received $12,672 to re-paint the exterior of the building in its original colours. The station was donated to GMR and moved to Glenreagh West in 2005. The attached photos show the station building on arrival at Glenreagh West, during its re-erection and as it now appears before repainting. GMR will be repairing some of the exterior timber elements before painting by the same contractor that did such a great job on Lowanna station some years ago.

Under construction_9.JPG
Platform under construction.JPG

At the beginning of 2019, the building was scaffolded in preparation for refurbishment of the timber exterior and painting.  These activities proceeded side by side and the building was completed in mid March.  The colour scheme was in the colours of the station when it was first opened in about 1915..

Moorland Station Newly Painted_ 3.jpg
Moorland Station Newly Painted_ 2.jpg