Lowanna station is situated south south west of Glenreagh and is a 43 min / 38 km drive from Coffs Harbour. It was the only staffed intermediate station on the line and is now the western depot for GMR.  It consists of the station building and associated signal box which were completed in December 1924. Both structures are of precast concrete construction which was introduced into the  NSW railways as a cost cutting initiative.  Stations of this construction were designated as "P Type" and there were 4 different designs reflecting the size of the building.  Lowanna is a Pc.3 passenger station design which consisted of an office, living room for staff which could only be accessed from the office, shelter shed primarily for the storage of goods but also with provision for some passenger seating and a ladies waiting room and lavatory.  There remains 8 existing examples of this design in the state.  The was no separate ticket window with tickets being sold over the counter in the office.  No interior lining or heating was provided as this was considered an unnecessary expense.  A mens lavatory was located a short distance from the station and was also of precast concrete construction.   This lavatory remains on the site and has hot water and a shower provided.


When GMR first took possession of the station and its surrounding area the infrastructure was in a very neglected state and the precinct contained a number of carriages which did not belong to GMR and which were also in very poor condition.

Some of these carriages contained poisons and other harmful chemicals and after requests by coffs Harbour City council, all the carriages were removed and the precinct is now clear of all carriages.

Work to restore the station began around 2005 and involved repairing the interior and exterior and restoring the platform facing and the platform surface.  There was damage to some of the fibro shingles on the roof and so as not to disturb them a new corrugated iron roof was installed over the top.  All buildings including the station, signal box and mens lavatory were repainted.  The result was a huge improvement in the appearance of the buildings.

The photo below shows the station in early 2010 and is a tribute to the hard working volunteers who restored it to this condition.  Without doubt it is the finest existing example of a Pc.3 station in NSW 

In late 2010, with funds obtained from Coffs Harbour City council the station was repainted in its original colour scheme as shown in the photo below

In later years, the ladies lavatory and waiting room were refurbished and provided with a flushing toilet and a GMR water gin was relocated from Ulong to Lowanna.