By becoming a  volunteer, you will be able to help along side other like minded volunteers. 

Being a volunteer could involve work at Glenreagh West Depot , Lowanna station / yard or along the line adjacent to these 2 locations. 


Specialised areas of volunteer work are available for those with specialist skills. Boiler makers, coach builders, carpenters, electricians and mechanical fitters are always in demand.  Experience or interest in work health and safety or safety management systems is also always needed. 

Working days are currently on Mondays and Tuesdays at Glenreagh West and Wednesdays at Lowanna. Any amount of support is appreciated.

Track work may involve heavy manual labour although appropriate tools and machinery will be used where possible.  Our work is governed by the requirements of the National Rail Safety regulator and state based WHS rules and some training may be required.


Typical roles include maintaining the station grounds and restoring or repairing infrastructure including rolling stock and the track.