Gemco Sleeper Inserter

GMR obtained this machine many years ago and it remained out in the weather and slowly deteriorating until Peter Brown proposed that it was capable of restoration and would be a valuable asset to our perway team. The machine was moved under cover to our former tram shed in May 2015.

The machine was in a very poor state and was initially jet cleaned to remove as much scale and rust as possible to get a better understanding of the state of its components. The battery was removed and subsequently replaced and the contents of the hydraulic tank sampled. Water was found to be present and there was 15 mm of sludge in the bottom of the tank. Some repairs were carried out on the frame and floor before the machine could be primed and painted.

The machine is powered by a two cylinder Deutz diesel engine. The injectors were removed and cleaned before being re-fitted. The starter motor and alternator were removed, cleaned and painted before the engine was also painted. The hydraulic oil reservoir was refilled with oil but found to have leaks so was drained and removed for repairs. All filters were cleaned and replaced and the brake calipers were also serviced. The engine was started for the first time in March 2016 and after some adjustment of its injectors has performed without problem. The hydraulic rams were generally found to be in good condition but some of the hydraulic fittings needed to be replaced. The control stand was refurbished with some additional protection incorporated.

The sleeper inserter is seen here in November 2017 in action replacing sleepers on the section of track between Glenreagh West and the Mill.