Glenreagh Mountain Railway Business Plan

Date 11 July 2013

In a joint statement released today, Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc. (GMR) and APRConsultants Ltd (APR) confirm that a project is underway to establish a business plan to guide the future development of Glenreagh Mountain Railway.

GMR will manage the overall project on behalf of GMR, Coffs Harbour City Council and Clarence Valley Council. APR will deliver the business plan.

Until 2008 GMR was successfully running regular short trips in its Z19 class steam locomotive1919 in conjunction with the Glenreagh Markets, however increasing accreditation requirements meant that the operations had to cease. 

More recently GMR has successfully regained it's
accreditation as a Rail Infrastructure Manager.
The Business Plan represents an opportunity to place future operations on a more sustainable basis.

The project, which is expected to be completed in late September, will involve a number of key phases including:

· Consultation with key stakeholders.

· A stocktake of current assets.

· An analysis of future income generation opportunities including: tourism, training, freight and manufacturing.

· Analysis of any regulatory requirements around the project proposals.

· The identification of partnerships with other organisations to generate revenue.

· Assessment of the economic contribution arising from the business opportunities identified.

· An analysis of the potential risks around the project.

· Potential funding sources.

APR is an award winning New Zealand based consultancy business that has over 30 years experience in business planning and development.

Deryck Shaw, Director of APR noted that key elements in the project would ensure that:

· All consultation will be undertaken in an independent and balanced manner.

· Opportunities will be looked at for integrated tourism development as well as non-tourism opportunities such as engineering.

· The significant background work already undertaken was recognised as a starting point for the project.

David Page from GMR noted that in the context of the creation of Transport Heritage NSW, this local business planning process is a timely development.

Those that may want to be in contact with GMR or APR to either provide information, or find out more details of the project, are invited to contact either David Page or Deryck Shaw as follows:

Mr David Page

Project Manager,

Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc.

PO Box 5104, Glenreagh NSW 2450, Australia

Email at:

Mr Deryck Shaw

Director, APR Consultants

PO Box 1715, Rotorua, New Zealand

Email at:


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